New network, new site(s)

somber as the winds changeHey there all. You may have noticed, if you come here at all, that things have been wonky lately. Well, I have been trying ever so hard to get the wordpress multisite option happening and well, it’s been difficult to get going to say the least. So, here we are, with a new network of Stolteclan sites! My boys have their own blog at http://www.stolteclan.ca/boys and I myself have 2 new blogs, a photoblog at http://www.stolteclan.ca/6mp and then my normal review-y/rant-y and what not-y stuff at http://www.stolteclan.ca/lyf … so if you have subscribed to any of these blogs in the past, head to them now, grab their new feed and (I’m sorry) subscribe again for the new stuff. Or you can bookmark http://www.stolteclan.ca and see what’s been happening across the various sites lately. Sound like fun?! I know it does to me.

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