Deyen’s Story

The Name…
So, I know that many of you have asked about Deyen’s name. How did you come up with it? What does it mean? All that jazz. Well, it’s time for the truth.

The History of Deyen
Believe it or not, it’s a rather simply, slightly complex story about the name Deyen (pronounced “day-in”). It all started about 6 or 7 years ago with a dream. I, Lyf, had a dream and the only thing that remained in my memory after I woke up was this name, “Deyen”. After a good breakfast, a strong coffee and the morning funnies, the name still remained. So, I gave it some thought. “How did I come up with this?”, “What does it mean?”. Well, the more I thought about it the more it dawned on me that my dabbling interest in Latin and Etymology was the source of the name. You see, “Deus” is Latin for “God” and then, as I understand it, most cultures either add some sort of prefix or suffix to a name to indicate “son of” or “child of”. So, as near as I can figure, in my discombobulated sleep brain I made the following junction: Deus – us + yen [a suffix] = Deyen. So, as you can guess the meaning is: Child of God!

Deyen’s Birth Story…

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
Jennifer and I were relaxing in our living room when the phone rang. Not that unusual. You see, earlier today Jennifer went in for an ultrasound to see how baby ‘s progressing and during the visit, the technician set her off a bit by asking some bizarre questions about eating and weight and stuff. It made Jenn think that she might have a goliath of a baby in her womb. So, being a little distressed by the conversation with the technician, she called her midwives clinic and asked them to call her with the results as soon as they were paged.

Well, like I said, we were in our living room, chillin’ when the phone rang. It was Deborah, our midwife. And she had some news. Apparently, the baby was altogether healthy, scoring an 8 out of 8 on some test (I’ll find out from Jenn later what the name of that test was again), so that was good. Now came the bomb. The baby is breach. That means that our baby is inside Jenn but not in the right position, which should be head down, feet up. Well our kid just might be a yogic master already because his feet were up by his head…UNDER JENN’S RIBS, with his BUTT down. Unbelievable! So, baby has apparently been breach for some time which threw the midwives because in all this time, they didn’t catch it…no one did though, not even the ultrasound technician – until that point.

So, Deborah let us know that if we were interested she and her student, Christy, could come over tonight to talk to us about all the necessary things in regards to a c-section. She also booked us in for the earliest available time, which just happens to be Friday – the 13th!

(side note: we officially blame our friend Steve Martin for the fact that our baby will be born on Friday the 13th. You see, every Friday the 13th there’s a big biker rally in Port Dover, Ontario and when Steve found out ever so long ago our due date, he let us know that he’d be praying for our baby to be born on the 13th, that way it’s a Dover baby, a biker baby! Plus Steve likes to say that God listens to bikers and prostitutes before the righteous.)

So, after that startling revelation, Jenn and I decided to have the midwives over that night, in light of the new information they just gave us. That and it was all very overwhelming so, having them here to help us process it was helpful.

They stayed for just over an hour and were very helpful and informative. After they left, it was up to Jennifer and myself to decide whether or not we wanted to wait until Sunday, when Jenn was scheduled to be induced anyway (you see at this point our baby is 8 days overdue and so we had scheduled earlier this week the induction date for Sunday), or if we were ready for Friday.

Well, we thought about it and eventually decided to go with Friday @ 4pm. It wasn’t an easy decision, as that is the worst day for me right now with the medical treatment I’m on (Pegylated Interferon for my Hepatitis C). But we decided for a few reasons that Friday would be better…one was simply that we were very eager to meet our child; another reason for Friday was that a c-section requires at least 2 days stay in the hospital and so, while Jenn’s being professionally taken care of, I can sleep when need be on the weekend and know that Jenn is in good hands. And her mom would stay with her as well. The third reason is that even though I would be tired, Thea – a good friend of ours and co-worker of mine – agreed to come by and help Jenn get ready and get there the two hours before for prep so that I could sleep as long as possible. We called Thea and filled her in on the new found information and she happily agreed to help us out in whatever way we needed.

Well. It looks like we can sleep a little more soundly tonight…after all, we know that in a couple days we’re going to meet our beloved child.

Thanks God.

Thursday, October 12th, 2006
For the most part, today was like any other day, except…

I went to work today expecting to be at drop-in. I knew though that I was tired and that we had plenty of staff on that night. So I talked to the staff who were on and mentioned that Jenn was going in for her c-section tomorrow and asked if I could head out early, after supper but before the drop-in ended.

You see, Jenn and I wanted to relax and get my medication into me slightly earlier than normal because we knew what tomorrow was going to be like.

The staff unanimously decided to let me go, not after supper, but right away. They all agreed that there were plenty of people on and that it was more important for me to be well for tomorrow. So, they prayed over me and then sent me off home.

I got home and Jenn was indeed surprised, pleasantly so, to see me so soon. We ate supper and then around 8pm I took my injection. That’s about 4 hours earlier than I normally take it. We relaxed in front of the boob tube for an hour or so and then checked on her luggage to make sure that everything was set for tomorrow. It was a bit tenuous just because even though we were excited to meet the little kid, it all seemed to be happening so quickly; that and Jenn had to plan her packing differently because she and our baby would be staying longer in the hospital than originally planned. It was all a little overwhelming.

After a couple hours of good hard packing and talking and crying, Jenn went to the washroom and I went to our living room. As I turn on the tv, Jenn says (suspiciously quietly), “Hey Lyf? Could you come downstairs, I need your help with something.” Now, that might not sound odd, in fact it sounds quite normal…except…

You see, for the past 3 months that I’ve been on treatment I can’t recall the last time Jenn asked for my help with anything. Not that I can’t help her, she’s just a wonderfully competent and independent woman. So, it was with some suspicion and reserve that I headed downstairs. And so, outside of the washroom I ask her what I can help her with.

“Baby, I, well, I think, but am not 100% positive, but I think my water broke.”


Then, just because I really couldn’t do anything else, I chuckled. Of all the things that could have made our night more intense, this was #2 on the list (#1 being labor itself). The weight of it all just settled it’s arm around my shoulder and we laughed. Jenn smiled sheepishly and her eyes began to water. So did mine.

We called our midwife and she came over immediately. She advised us rather urgently to STOP everything that we were doing to speed up Jenn’s labor, such as “being intimate”, primrose pills and oil, exercise.

We then called the hospital and rescheduled the c-section for Friday morning, first thing.

Our next call was our lifeline – our friend Thea. She agreed to come over in the morning to help Jenn get ready and then take her over, that way I could sleep as long as possible. You see, I am currently on a drug regimen for Hepatitis C and it includes one shot a week and 5 pills a day. The shot is what affects me the worst. We’re talking extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, severe depression, ya know…the fun stuff in life.

So, with Thea comin’ over and everything scheduled to go it’s off to bed. Exhaustion here I come.

Well, at least I thought I would be exhausted, but no, my wife had other plans, like, oh, you know, HAVE A FREAKIN’ CONTRACTION! We called the midwife back and she laughed (was it hysterical, I can’t quite remember…nope, that was my laughter, right.) and advised us that if there was any regularity to them that we would call her and head to the hospital ASAP!

God, be with us tonight and let everything go well tomorrow. And let Jenn NOT go into labor.

Friday, October 13th, 2006
2:30am – Finally, sleep overcomes and I manage to find my way to the land of Nod.

5:30am – Thea comes over and her and Jenn get ready to head to Toronto East General.

6:15am – Jenn leans over and kisses me on the cheek and says that they’ll see me in a couple hours.

(note – at this point I should mention one thing. It was our understanding that even though Jenn was going in for prep at 6:30am, she wouldn’t be operated on until 8am or even later, so I would be able to get at least two more hours of sleep, if not more.)

6:30am – Jenn and Thea arrive at TEGH and begin getting prepped for the surgery.

6:46am – The phone rings disturbing what little sleep I had managed to slink back into. I answer it rather gruffly due to my lack of sleep and care for anyone other than Jenn and myself. To my surprise Thea was on the other end. Two minutes later I hang up the phone and turn into a whirlwind. You see, Thea told me that they were operating on her asap and so I needed to get there…NOW. This through a good little wrench into our carefully (yeah right) laid out plans for the day. Through a fog of drugs and haze of fatigue I manage to get my right leg into the right side of my pants and my left leg into its own side. My shirts slide on almost effortlessly…wait, did I check for underwear….yep, it’s there! Keys, wallet, phone, Halls Vitamin C drops, sanity – oh wait, lost that a long time ago. All things in all the right pockets. And away I go…

7:10am – Arrive at TEGH on my lovely bullet of a bike. (hoofin’ it down the Danforth is fun at 7am.) Run to the elevator, get lifted up seven stories (the first time I’ve exerted myself so extensively in the past 3 months –wheeee(eeze)) and swivel my head around rather chaotically attracting the attention of the nurse who, ever so pleasantly, asks me who I’m looking for. She points me in the right direction and I make it there just in time to sign the necessary waivers and to laugh with Jenn and Thea as we observe each other and this rather comical situation.

7:30am – After prep is done and all the necessary people are in place and Jenn is doped up, they invite me into the o.r.. I stand behind the little curtain they’ve put up to block the view of them slicing my wifes belly open.

7:51am – The anesthetist mention that he sees a butt but can’t tell what sex the baby is. Then politely asks if we already know. We don’t. But from behind the curtain the o.b. Shouts out, “Well we do!” And lo and behold they lift our child high above the curtain and announce that it is a healthy baby boy! Jenn and I break into tears. Not because we wanted a boy, but because all of a sudden our baby was an immediate reality. He became alive in a way that is so unique and awe inspiring.

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