So, they did declare an emergency and…surprise…

…no one came.


Yes, the Redcross is working with the Attawapiskat community to provide immediate needs and you can help by donating here –> And I would encourage you to.


Now, I may be unpopular is saying this, but here goes: this problem is not new and meeting their immediate needs is simply a band-aid solution! We need to see a plan in place, a plan for establishing and maintaining an infrastructure that meets basic Canadian standards. An email I (and others) received from Charlie Angus simply states that there is no plan in place. Now, I don’t want to blame Charlie, he has done his best to bring awareness of the deplorable situation to light and to get our country to respond (…which they HAVEN’T! AAARRRRGGGH!), but what I would like to see beyond this, is that, since Attawapiskat has been having problems since the 90’s (at least), why hasn’t anyone drafted up a plan to establish a basic infrastructure that can be maintained? WHY?!?!?! That seems like a basic starting point.

Please, if you have any knowledge of a plan being drafted up, let me know so I can get behind it.

Let me finish this post by simply saying, “Thank you” to Charlie Angus for getting the awareness out there!

(you can watch Charlie Angus in action on his youtube page here –>

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