wrestling with Canada

Jacob and the Angel
image reposted by permission from Jack Baumgartner (http://theschoolofthetransferofenergy.com)

[the above is a very accurate representation of the workings of my soul in the midst of what is happening in our affluent country]

UPDATE: Man, I just can’t seem to get a post out without new info giving me pause. “Attawapiskat News Release: Statement by Attawapiskat Chief & Council on notice of Third Party intervention (PDF) http://t.co/2Js65zf2“. This says that the Attawapiskat people ARE indeed working on a plan. Thank you Chief Spence!

I simply don’t know what to do? I wrote a very long draft and then deleted it as I absorbed new information (which I will share below). The new information helped a lot, but there is still one question I have for everyone out there: WHY HASN’T ANYONE DRAFTED A PLAN TO HELP ATTAWAPISKAT?

I see plenty of explanations of the conditions: of the economic side of it, of the political mess that led up to it, etc…. But I have not read in any place an actual plan. Sure, plenty of people have said give them more money, and the government has said that they are irresponsible and so they send in third-party managers (babysitters basically) to “assess” the situation. STOP ASSESSING! START MAKING PLANS! Organizations do this all the time for official “3rd” world countries, why can’t we do it here?

Here I have bundled together some articles (and media) I found helpful –> My Attawapiskat Bundle.

Here too is a twitter search I saved that you can look at:

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