LyfLet 2011: a year in review

LyfLet 2011: a year in review

Hey there all. So, my latest newsletter will be hitting your mailboxes soon (if you’re on my mailing list that is). If you just happen to be by the site and want to read it now without waiting (who could blame you after all *wink*), then download it here –> LyfLet 2011: a year in review

Now, I must warn you it is rather long, so if you’d prefer, you can listen to an audio version of it instead! Yep, you read that right…there is an audio version of my newsletter, read by none other than yours truly! It’s my first time so be gentle 🙂

LyfLet 2011: a year in review by stolteclan

[ song provided by Kevin MacLeod at ]

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