A dear friend with a saintly heart…

Wayne McKenna
..even though he was definitely fully of this world!

You will find a link here to the homily to my friend Wayne by his friend Nola. I am including in this post though several quotes and sections that resonated with me when I heard them spoken. Dear Wayne, you are missed my friend!

Nola’s homily for Wayne McKenna


Two days before he was to move in, he died with his friend Kevin, close at had: still unfettered by possessions and a roof to call his own!

And how he filled those 45 years!

Un-apologetically to be sure. He was so full of plans and projects: for himself and others. So full of getting people together. Plotting what could be accomplished when he got the right combination together. Dreaming of what could be done for his friends. Scheming to defeat the hypocrites.

He was a doer. He never seemed to stop moving, never knew the meaning of relaxation…always on the go. Moving about, touching lives, challenging the phony. [emphasis mine]

He could be angry, bigoted and his mouth regularly would have been washed with soap had my mother been about! But his friend, Lyf, from Sanctuary, compared him to St. Damien, a man who lived and worked alongside the Lepers of Hawaii until his death and was accused of being dirty, bigoted and coarse. Well, Wayne did have some things in common with Damien: he was a man who was indifferent to what others thought of his life choices and lived his life, his faith so internalized that he directed his anger against those who victimized others and bigoted against those who spoke the Word but didn’t walk the walk… It was as if he had taken up Christ’s instructions to his Apostles when he sent them out to preach the Kingdom of God… “Take nothing for your journey, neither staves, for scrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.” Like them, Wayne travelled light. But Wayne travelled with the Spirit. Possessions, what he wore, where he slept was of little import. What he did, and for whom, and with whom…that was what mattered.

Wayne has gone before us. We are not here to say good-bye: rather, we say, “…Until we meet again, walk with God.”

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