mini-reviews…March edition

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

8/10 (-1)

This movie is fantastic, which is no small feat considering the scope of the story and the relative obscurity of the director. For all of it’s amazingness: the acting, the direction, the editing, the script, the f/x, my biggest pet peeve is that the main human character doesn’t sign ONCE to Caesar and yet communicates with him by talking…AAAARRRGH!!! It could have been such a perfect movie otherwise. I’m sure there were reasons, but I can’t help but think that it’s because they were lazy. A great way to revisit a classic sci-fi franchise!

Dodge Landon: Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!
Caesar [ape]: NO!



8/10 (=)

I sincerely enjoy everything I have watched by Miyazaki. And this was no different. The Princess is a great character who is a great role-model for young girls, well actually for all of us really. I don’t have much more to say…just watch this movie. It’s good 🙂 Oh, and I’ve been told my friend @Elumir, that the manga series expands on the universe in a truly fantastic way. Must find them!

Yupa: [about Kushana’s arm] An insect did that?
Kushana: Yes, and whatever lucky man becomes my husband shall see far worse than that.

Sherlock [BBC Season 1]


9/10 (+2)

So, told my friend Whitless that I needed a geeky media night. She agrees and I tell her that she gets to choose what we watch and she brings over the new BBC version of Sherlock. I was skeptical simply because I think I was in the mood for something else, something specific and it wasn’t that. Well…wasn’t I pleasantly surprised!

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are simply brilliant as Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. This is a very fresh and nicely realized update to a great classic series. The cheekiness and quirks abound and are executed with hilarious and meticulous precision. If you are a fan of the originals then these, I think, will provide you with a great re-introduction. Watch out for Moriarty though…his characterization may throw you off. Don’t let it. He’s important and the way he is portrayed is important too!

Sherlock Holmes: I’m not a psychopath, Anderson, I’m a high-functioning sociopath, do your research.

Jim Moriaty: If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you. I’ll burn the heart out of you.
Sherlock Holmes: I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.
Jim Moriaty: But we both know that’s not quite true.

John Carter

John Carter of Mars

8/10 (+1)

Disney took a huge chance on this movie and I have to admit that I am utterly grateful that they did. I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed this movie. In fact, here’s a treat for you all…a video review from myself, Whitless and Errol!

Matai Shang: We do not cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter. We simply manage it. Feed off it, if you like.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street

8/10 (+1)

Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend this movie. While I found it funny for the most part, there were two separate little shots that just weren’t necessary that leave me unable to recommend this movie. Sorry. I laughed and I enjoyed some of the very clever moments which clearly separates this movie from others like it. It knows what it is, doesn’t apologize for it, but also doesn’t ham it up too much…it’s just enough. And the chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is surprisingly dynamic. But I can’t recommend it.

Deputy Chief Hardy: [from trailer] You forgot to read him his Miranda rights.
Jenko: It obviously goes something like… you have the right to remain… an attorney.
Deputy Chief Hardy: Did you just say you have the right to be an attorney?
Schmidt: You DO have the right to be an attorney, if you want to.

The King’s Speech

The King's Speech

9/10 (+1)

I totally understand why this movie got all the attention that it did…it is simply FANTASTIC! The acting, the directing, the story and the script itself, the production values…everything is stunning. I very much enjoyed the times when the King was being given exercises to try…it killed me 😀 If you haven’t seen this movie, I can’t really recommend it enough right now. It’s FANTASTIC!!!

Lionel Logue: You still stammered on the ‘W’.
King George VI: Well I had to throw in a few so they knew it was me. .

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