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Why the wonky title you may ask? Because like the #IdleNoMore movement, this post is not about being clever or having a soundbite to digest easily and with no impact. The articles I am linking to below require you to think and process what is going on. And that is so important. Some of the more hate-filled criticisms out there rely a lot on sound bites and being loud and “clever”. #IdleNoMore is asking us not to be clever but to be thoughtful; to not rely on sound bites, but on sound thinking.

So, the good news is that the First Nations people of Canada are getting much deserved attention. The conflict between the Canadian culture and the Aboriginal cultures is being thoroughly examined and dissected. The #IdleNoMore movement is really gaining steam and not just here in Canada, but all over the world; indigenous peoples throughout the world are starting to be heard, well, on some level anyway. Any kind of reconciliation or restoring of trust is still quite far off.

Education and information are so important. It’s easy to get caught off guard on both sides of the issue by big numbers, big words, fast talk and what is called in some circles “throwing the elephant”: a barrage of information which is usually misleading and sometimes downright lies and fabrications. The #IdleNoMore movement was created to spread information about the plight of the First Nations peoples. So, in the interest of continuing the spread of information I’ve created a bitly bundle that has all the articles I’ve found helpful, and will continue to be updated with new articles/videos/blogs/interviews, etc…. So, head to this bundle:


I’ve read a lot of articles (and continue to) and watched some videos, listened to some interviews, chatted at length with people on both sides of the issue. It is my hope that this bundle will help to cultivate discussion and action!

If you feel that there are other articles/videos/blogs/interviews/etc… that I have missed, just link to them in the comments and I will have a gander at them. Meegwetch!

[update: the most recent article I added to it, I’m also adding here because it really hit me in the gut and I needed it! –> “An Open Letter To Peaceful Protesters“]

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