Knight Of The Burning Pestle (York University Fine Arts Department)

Knight Of The Burning Pestle

8/10 (=)

Having never heard a thing about this play, I was unsure what to expect. I didn’t even do any research beforehand, I simply went into the show with a blank slate for a mind (everyone who knows me, just shut up now *wink*). And I was so glad I did! I had a riotously good time. This play was originally written 400 years ago and when you consider some of the devices Beaumont used, he was a man ahead of his time, by a LONG shot! Apparently this play was a big flop in it’s time and has to this day stumped experts as to why exactly. What I can say is that it may have been on the whole ahead of it’s time, but it is perfect for our time!

Tim Askew who adapted and directed it for York did a fantastic job of modernizing it without blanching it entirely. There is verse, there is modern lingo, there are crazy period costumes and lightsabers…oops, I may have said too much 😉

If you are a theatre major/professional, then you have one night left to see this: TONIGHT! I honestly can’t recommend this enough. It’s not mainstream, and that is a good thing, I think. It makes some great and grandiose comments on the nature of art and politics.

On the technical side of things: the set design is good and simple with some greatly versatile set pieces that double as just about everything! The lighting is clever, necessarily so, and used very well. The costume design was good and versatile. As I said before the adaptation and direction are solid! The acting is as well solid. It’s always hard to comment on the acting because it’s a combination of choices from both the actor and director; there were several times throughout the play though where I was keenly aware of the “acting” and not in the way the play makes you aware of it. There were some sincere but not really honest moments, at least that’s how I perceived them. On the whole though, the acting was very solid and the actors were very committed to the story which is excellent!

Again, if you enjoy theatre in all it’s splendour, then catch this show! Tonight is the last night! Go now!!!
–> “Knight Of The Burning Pestle

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