Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical (Hart House Theatre)

Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical

9/10 (+1)

Last night my wife and I went to see Hart House Theatre’s offering of “Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical”. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Then there was intermission and after intermission we laughed and laughed some more. While Robin Hood the musical is definitely filled to the brim with laughs, it manages to slip in wonderfully subtle social commentary as well, such as Robin Hood’s statement “I give to you which gives to me” (or something like that), which is a wonderful statement on the nature and potential selfishness of “charity”. This isn’t the only example, it’s just the most prominent one that I can remember (got in late last night and then up early’ish with the little ones, mind’s a little foggy!).

The production on the whole was quite marvelous. The set design was simple and very functional, allowing the actors quite the breadth of freedom to move around and even climb on things. The lighting though on the whole was straightforward and effective. The costumes were simple and clever, with Will Scarlett’s costume easily being my favorite, a mix of contemporary and classical that suited the character to a “T”! Although I will say that the king’s cape was absolutely perfect 🙂

The acting was great, un-apologetically hammy with just the right combination of fat and meat to keep you going! I don’t think there was a “sincere” moment in the whole musical and yet it didn’t feel “fake”. It had perfect balance, something only accomplished by having gifted actors and a conscientious director! The singing though is what stands out and that is exactly as it should be. The songs are over-the-top, sometimes irreverent, deliciously self-indulgent at times and always, ALWAYS fit the moment perfectly! I don’t think you could ask for a better night of mainstream theatre! Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical” –> you deserve all the accolades you have received!

Enjoy the trailer embedded below:
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