2012: year in review…June – September

June – September

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” And what a question it is! After a very fun and engaging run of our spring show, a couple of the guys in our community came up to me and asked me to teach them stuff about acting; not how to act, but about it, “you know, ‘to be or not to be…dat is da question.’” I immediately perked up and that phrase got me thinking. Then in July, with the help of a Hamlet pro, we began a six week workshop process on translating Shakespeare’s possibly most-famous speech into the common language of my friends.

It was challenging and enlightening. We had three regular participants and the guys involved really took it to heart and overall had a good time, I think. The workshops were supposed to culminate in a presentation from each of them, not necessarily in front of people, but recorded in some way so they could see their progress. Well, as of this writing, only one of the gentlemen has “finished”. The other two and I are still working on what a presentation of their work will look like, but really, it’s not the destination, it truly is the journey. With this workshop it was about loving and sharing life and art with these guys as they wrestled with the material and their own situations. I am looking forward to how we are going to continue this journey this year.

My wonderful helpers :-)

My weekend motorcycle trips to Brighton made the summer bearable. I loved getting on the highway, out of the city and into the country. I loved riding through the countryside anticipating seeing and hugging my family like crazy. I loved putting the kickstand down, taking my helmet off and hearing my boys yell out “DADEEE!” and come streaking out of the house, or from around the back of the house and getting knocked over by their hugs.

We moved into our new place the second week of August, then pretty much immediately after that we took a week long vacation at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. I know what you may be thinking, “You just got your place…ARE YOU CRAZY?!” and you are perfectly ok in thinking that. I thought so too. However, taking that week to be in Presqu’ile was simply delightful. Jenn’s folks gave us use of their trailer and it was wonderful. The park has three separate beaches, a lighthouse area, activities almost every morning for kids and it simply is just a beautiful park! What a blessing that time was.

THEN we had 5 days at our new house before we departed for the West Coast. You read that right…5 days! Then 2 weeks in BC visiting family and celebrating my sister and her husband. It was a wonderful celebration; we got to meet his side of the family and they are quite a hoot! It was also the first time that ALL of the the cousins were in the same place at the same time. Deyen, Levi, Vincent, Angelo, Noel and Colton were hilarious to watch all play together. What a blessing children and family are!

While in the BC area we stayed with Jenn’s aunt and her two boys, who were amazing with our two boys. They live in the basement of this HUGE house and the people upstairs have a guest room that they let us live in while we were there. So generous of them! We also got around to visit some of our friends in the surrounding area as well. We were spoiled with the weather while we were there: barely a drop of rain in those two weeks and great summer temperatures as well. The beaches were a blast, so many discovery walks, and SO MUCH FISH N’ CHIPS!
BC Trip

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