2012: year in review…October – December

October – December

After our vacation in BC we got back and had three weeks in our place before I started my sabbatical. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a sabbatical is a guided process for disengaging from normal ministry and leadership involvement for a period of time to allow for serious evaluation of life and ministry. I was given three months to disengage and evaluate.

The three weeks back were intense, filled with unpacking, moving stuff around, settling in and just getting used to the new neighbourhood. We are fortunate though, our new neighbourhood is only about 6 blocks north of our old neighbourhood and so it didn’t take too much time getting used to.

Then the sabbatical began.


Because the focus of a sabbatical is about disengaging from normal ministry and setting aside time to evaluate my life and ministry I decided that one of the best uses of my time would be to attend to my acting. And so, with the help of other theatre professionals, we mounted a one man show, “Damien” by Aldyth Morris. It’s a play about Father Damien the leper priest of Moloka’i. What an experience! To work with other professionals solely on a project for myself…what a blessing! And a great response to it as well. Sanctuary let me use the space and resources to mount it, and then we had roughly 250 people come out to see it over it’s 9 day run. It really encouraged and challenged me on many levels. I myself have never done a one-man show before and I will admit that every night before the show I was terrified! I had no one else on stage to help me if I forgot my place or messed up. I was alone. My stage manager was all the way up in the loft doing lights and sound so she couldn’t help me. It was just me. It was EXHILARATING!

After that 2 month process, yes, it took two whole months to get this play up; you see, I was working with other theatre professionals who also had other jobs and I myself needed space to read and pray and evaluate as well, and so 2 months seemed to just zoom by and yet we squeezed in as much as we could in that time! After the show, I entered into some more serious reading, praying, meditating and meeting with people. It was very refreshing and gave me a lot to think about and work with. I am excited for this coming year and for the years to come.

Christmas this year was a somewhat more relaxed one as we didn’t travel anywhere, everyone came to us! What a blessing that was. My folks came up 10 days before Christmas and we celebrated with them then. On Christmas day, Jenn’s folks and her brother, his wife and their daughter came by and we had a great time! This was our Stolte Family Photo for the year…and it was a blast to make 🙂

Stolte Cubee Christmas

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