2012: year in review….bonus section

At the end of most of my newsletters, I try to give my readers a glimpse into the coming year. I did this with this newsletter as well, and so I will include some of that here. Also, at the end of this post there is an important “a final note” and that is where I share about the losses we at Sanctuary suffered this past year. Please read to the end.


What does the future hold? Well, I am excited for it. Isn’t that enough?! I’m just kidding. I am looking forward to smaller productions this year, hopefully engaging more new-ish community members: members of the community who haven’t yet tried the acting thing but have expressed interest. There will be another workshop based around a famous speech: Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount, specifically the Beatitudes. It will be interesting. We just finished a 6 week workshop series around Self Portraits; the idea is that we think primarily of painting as a way to create a self portrait but that there are so many other ways to express who we believe that we are: sound, movement, poetry, photography. It was quite the time! I’m also planning on doing a couple of readers theatre pieces as yet another way of storytelling. In the fall then we do our second arts night of the year and this time we’re doing 2 10-20 minute long skits for a little more adventure!

I will also be undertaking some personal projects along the way. The one that is happening as I write this is that I have been hired to direct a new Canadian play for a local independent theatre company: Panfish Productions. Rehearsals will be starting any day now and the show opens on July 18th! It’s gonna be a while ride and I am looking forward to it!

A Final Note…

Last but most certainly not least, I would like to ask you to take a moment of silence to remember some people who passed away this year: Paul “Big Paul” Kinnear, Stacey Lee Bluebird, Ted “Teddy Bear” King, Wayne “Crazy Wayne” McKenna, Joanne Carpenter, Cindy Foster. These are the names of those people just from our immediate community whom we know passed away this year. So many names, so many memories.

In Memorium...our community

Please, take a moment and say a prayer or to think about people in your own neighbourhood who are struggling right now. They don’t have to be obviously poor; but I guarantee you there are people around you who need you right now. Who need a hug, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a bag of sugar, something, something that won’t cost you anything to give to them; and if it does cost, then count yourself lucky that you were there for them!

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  1. Loved your letter. Very newsy. I know that the year has been incredibly busy, but also incredibly blessed as the Lord has “grown” you along the way. I am so glad that you that a good place to call “home”. Please give Jenn our love.

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