My 2013 watch list…

Last year I watched 101 different movies/tv shows. You can check out the individual titles by clicking on this link –> that will take you to my public 2013 watch list.

Here are my top 10 list from what I watched last year.


  • This is a list of what I watched, NOT what came out last year
  • I have not included ones that I have already seen, otherwise at least half of this list would look the same from year to year 😉
  • I do not necessarily recommend all of these movies. We all have different sensibilities. I recommend looking at the information on the movies listed below to see if there’s anything in there you may find offensive.
  • These are not even the highest rated of what I watched last year, just my favourites 🙂


My Dinner with Andre


Breaking Bad

Pacific Rim

Orphan Black

Winter's Bone


The Gatekeepers

The World's End

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