Writing Challenge Update…

500 words a day
This year I am writing.

I was inspired to begin writing a couple years ago, but haven’t taken it at all seriously. I’m still not really, because, well, I’m not a writer. But I have decided that I like to write, and there are a couple projects that are trying to push themselves out of my brain. So this is my year to write. Then Debbie Ohi posted on her Inkygirl.com blog about a writing challenge – 250, 500 or 1000 words per day! A cool challenge and one that I have accepted!

It hasn’t been an easy month, so I’m posting the badge on this post more as a goal to reach for than as something accomplished. The post that she wrote is more about writing daily than it is about word counts altogether. That having been said, I just want to share with you all my stats for January because I think they’re neat (considering I’ve never really written ANYTHING before this).


Total Words Written: 20,714
Average Words Per Day: 668
Total Writing Days: 23
Most Words Written On A Day: 2,034

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Update…

  1. I call chicken doodle on the “I’m not a writer bit”. How do you define writer? I see coherent thought expression in little recognizable clusters of letters. This is writing, no?

    1. Ok mr. challengy-man! Thank you for the encouragement. But…do you see coherent thought expression in my specific clusters of letters? THAT’s the question…

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