February and March writing update..

250 words a day
The writing continues…

It hasn’t been an easy month, so I’m posting the badge on this post more as a goal I reached for than as something accomplished. The post that she wrote is more about writing daily than it is about word counts altogether. That having been said, I just want to share with you all my stats for February because I think they’re neat (considering I’ve never really written ANYTHING before this).

And in case you’re wondering why March is in the title without it’s own stats, well, that’s because March has been a difficult month and so I’ve given myself a bit of an intentional break on the writing. What have a I done instead of write? Well, I’ve intentionally enjoyed stuff that I haven’t watched in ages, and played videogames that I haven’t played in eons, and I’ve just relaxed more. I will pick up the writing again in April as I feel that it was a good habit that I did, and there are still several projects that I am working on and want to see them come to fruition, even if that is simply a first draft with nothing else after that. I need to finish the stuff I start…well, some of it anyway…


Total Words Written: 11,018
Average Words Per Day: 393
Total Writing Days: 17
Most Words Written On A Day: 1110

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