HepC Treatment update…


That’s right. Eighty-four days/pills later and I have finished my third round of treatment for Hepatitis C. It’s quite amazing really. During the whole run I didn’t experience even a fraction of the side effects I did the last 2 times. In fact, I was able to live my life completely normally (well, as normal as my life will ever get *snicker*). I am so thankful to modern science for this miraculous pill.

During the process I endeavored on an artistic journey of photographing myself every morning taking the pill. At first this was simply about having fun, but it quickly turned into a bit more of an art project; it also had the added bonus of helping my memory: if I couldn’t remember if I had taken the pill, I could just look at my phone and double check. This helped ease my anxiety about missing a dose (which I was told was the main reason that it might not work, that’s how sensitive this treatment is). The whole 84 pictures are in the slideshow below. You can also check out the special little video I did for the final pill as well, it’s embedded below the pictures.

I would like to thank my family and friends for their prayers, good thoughts, and encouraging emails, notes and smiles along the way. Also thank you to my instagram followers who “liked” my morning photos almost every day 🙂

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