The afternoon sun secretly opened the world and stood, clear eyed and fresh, out in the open for all to see. She took her hair and wrapped it around herself, covering her form from head to toe in the finest of spectral silk. And as she stood there, relishing her own comfort, the world, which was open and not really enjoying being so exposed, spoke.

“Oh sun, oh spectral silky one, would you mind. We find ourselves to be quite cold, open and exposed as we are. Would you leap back up and close us up, our warmth is escaping.”

The sun, still in her own thrall, ignored the request of the world. The world was becoming quite cool. Her inner heart, her heat, was dissipating, being scattered unnecessarily out into the silent night.

“Oh sun, oh bright luminous one, we implore you. Our heart, our heat, is being used up rather quickly. Please, close us up so that we might keep our heart warm, so that we might keep our charges safe.”

The sun became annoyed at the world. She jumped up, whipped her hair around and closed the world up with such force that what was once land became sea, and what was once sea and water became hard unmovable land. And in her throne above the world, she glared down, all her heat becoming focused on this world at this time.

As the day waned, so too the sun’s temper waned. She began to catch glimpses of her spectral hair and was once again enamored of herself. She began to make herself up so that when the moon came out to play she would look resplendent. Touches of Cat’s Eye red, and Spriograph purple, with a hint or two of Carina orange.

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