Ramsey Whitefish

State of no Euphoria

darkness is all I see,
whenever one has no friend, want or need,
I hate to watch the human
basket go down,
into the so-called healing from
the underground.
brittle bruises and shaking
anglo scars,
this stupid fucking world
should be barred!
I lose my friends left
middle and right
does GAWD truly think and
feel that it’s truly polite?
I’m estranged whenever I lose
a close friend,
state of no euphoria, this
is not the end.
keep everyone health, free
and alive!!!

(c) Ramsey Whitefish 2014

Thank you Rams for all your quips, quotes and quick little diversions. I will miss you – truly, sadly, deeply. You were ripped from the world too soon, the creator wasn’t done with you. Who will be our new trickster? Who will mirror the craziness of our messed up society back to us? You were gifted at it whether you knew it or not.

I have so many memories of you. Some rough, some downright bad, and some absolutely wonderful. You were a man who knew how to make me laugh whether I wanted to or not. Every time I saw you you asked if you could see your reflection in my bald head and so I would bow before you and let you man-handle my melon. Every time you thought you looked excellent. And every time I would laugh. Our way of greeting each other was a middle finger raised high, or sneakily whipped out from across the room; eventually I would see it and raise you TWO fingers…and then we’d laugh. I will always smile when I think of you. I will always cry when I remember how you were taken. I will always sigh and remember that you are no longer struggling; you are free, you are free, you are free.


6 thoughts on “Ramsey Whitefish

  1. Dearest Ramsey.

    I did not have the opportunity or pleasure of meeting you but I know you are safe, wrapped in Creator’s arms. You are somewhere surrounded in beauty. Rest in peace our brother. W’ela’lin All My Relations. 💜

  2. I met Ramzee, at my place about 20 years ago, always with a book in hand. He was one of the most self educated, inspiring person I have ever met. I laughed at how eloquently he spoke of truths that would make people cringe. He was at the time also talking about acting…so when I ran into him many months later, he would be talking about be an activist for native rights. But he always gave me a hug and said he was worried about me….lol, I loved him for that!!! Before I leftToronto, he took me out one night, and he confessed how he was always scared for me. He said I scared him because I was so strong…I will always remember that!!! Rest in peace in my brother. Thanks for visiting me yesterday!!! xoxox

  3. Ramsey was a good friend to a good friend of mine. We hung out , played some music , drank and had lots of laughs together. Really miss that guy, he had a good heart .\

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