Third time’s a charm!

It’s been 8 years since my last round of treatment, and I’m kind of nervous. My journey with Hepatitis C began many years ago during the Red Cross Blood Scandal, and now it could be coming to an end. Tonight I start my third round of treatment in 10 years. This time the combination therapy […]

The Drop Box (2014)

They’re not the unnecessary ones in the world. God sent them here for a purpose. ~ Pastor Lee Jong-rak ~ The Drop Box (2014) is an engaging documentary about a pastor in Korea who takes in abandoned children. Sadly, the situation in this movie is not uncommon, that of women and families abandoning children they […]

Writing Challenge Update…

This year I am writing. I was inspired to begin writing a couple years ago, but haven’t taken it at all seriously. I’m still not really, because, well, I’m not a writer. But I have decided that I like to write, and there are a couple projects that are trying to push themselves out of […]

The Scarf

© 2014 Lyf Stolte CAROL I don’t know why you did that. It wasn’t like I was in any danger George. GEORGE Well, you see, uh, I, uh, know that, my, uh, love, but, well, you see, I couldn’t very well let you, uh, you know, just continue on like that. CAROL OH, I see. […]


© 2014 Lyf Stolte JIM Wow. Babe, this grilled cheese is amazing! HONEY I’m so glad you like it. I wasn’t sure if you would or not. JIM Why wouldn’t I? You know I love this stuff! HONEY Well, I used some unique ingredients this time. JIM Well, whatever they are, please use them again! […]

15 Kumquats

© 2014 Lyf Stolte HENRY Are you sure Jill love? JILL Of course I am! Who took the Wolfgang Puck Introduction To Kumquats 101? Huh? Me. That’s who. So you can just do what I tell you to do. Ok? Ok? Ok. HENRY Ok sweety. JILL Now, please pass me the almond milk. HENRY Did […]

The Book 2

© 2014 Lyf Stolte ! WARNING: language ! The room is dark except for the nearly dead light emanating from the lamp on the side table in the corner. There’s a glass of water, an ashtray, a spoon which has recently been used in the processing of reality altering substances, and a little red book. […]

A light bulb

I wrote this back in November of last year when I decided to begin on this journey. [(c) Lyf Stolte 2013] A lone light bulb hangs, naked and vulnerable, from an exposed wire. It’s not on. A door creaks open and two men appear in the darkness. They look around, and then break out in […]

I’m not a writer, however…

So, I’m experimenting with something new to me this year: writing. I’ve told many people this before and I’ll tell all 6 of you who read this blog: I’m not a writer. It’s no secret that I often ask people to write stuff for me, or at least to heavily edit what I have written: […]

Movies/TV Show of 2014

I am a HUGE movie and TV fan. I watch way too much of both each year and I enjoy it thoroughly. This year I have watched over 100 movies/tv shows (check out the full list here –> my list!). That’s quite a few to pick from. However, this year I will say it is […]