There is a great app for electronic book and audiobook lovers that I haven’t written about yet. A couple times every month I find myself bringing it up in conversation and the people I’m talking with haven’t heard about it. So, here you go my small, but loyal, readership. If you love to borrow books […]


“Damien” by Aldyth Morris, the one-man show I am in has it’s opening tonight! Come on out and see what one man did for the lepers of Moloka’i in the late 1800’s. If you want to hear about it, you can check out Marty Chodorek’s podcast WalkLeft here –> WalkLeft and Damien. I was also […]

Walk Left – the podcast

Hey there all. Marty Chodorek over at the Walk Left podcast interviewed myself and Shannon Blake, the producer of “Damien” recently. Have a listen, and then book your ticket! http://bit.ly/DAMIEN

LyfLet 2011: a year in review

Hey there all. So, my latest newsletter will be hitting your mailboxes soon (if you’re on my mailing list that is). If you just happen to be by the site and want to read it now without waiting (who could blame you after all *wink*), then download it here –> LyfLet 2011: a year in […]