There is a great app for electronic book and audiobook lovers that I haven’t written about yet. A couple times every month I find myself bringing it up in conversation and the people I’m talking with haven’t heard about it. So, here you go my small, but loyal, readership. If you love to borrow books […]

2015 Books

What a great year for reading! I read over 60 books last year, some great ones (as you’ll read later) and some good ones. I was fortunate to not have read any real duds last year! Let’s hope it stays like that for this year as well. The best and most important book I read […]

Books of 2014

So, each year I attempt to read around 45-60 books. And since I’ve started keeping track in 2012, I’ve nailed those numbers last year and this year (2012 saw me read a piddly 39 books). It’s fun to keep track of, although, I find that any time I do this kind of thing I find […]

American Gods – my dream cast…

The more I hear about American Gods being made into a TV series the more excited I get. However I also get antsy about casting and direction and stuff like that. So, I’ve decided that, for all it’s worth, and that’s not very much granted, I am going to share with the internet my dream […]

Books of 2013

Last year was a banner year for me in terms of book reading. I use goodreads.com to track my book reading progress and they have this nifty Book Challenge widget for each year in which you can set yourself a challenge for that year and as you read books you add them to your profile […]

The Mistborn series (trilogy +1)

Each book in this series deserves it’s own review, but I am compiling them here just to make it easier. So, read this post as you have the time 🙂 “The Final Empire” 8/10 (+1) After I read “Warbreaker” I was very intrigued to dig deeper into Sanderson’s work. My friend Mark again recommended, of […]

Warbreaker (2009)

8/10 (+1) In my year reading Brandon Sanderson, I started with one of his standalone novels, “Warbreaker”. Doing these “My Year With…” series is tough, I never quite know where to start. My friend Mark had this book and suggested it, so I took it, read it and was enthralled. The plot, as summarized by […]

The Necessity of Theatre (by Paul Woodruff)

6/10 (-2) I will admit that I was expecting more from this book. With a title like “The Necessity of Theatre” it gives one the expectation that there is some great revelation in it. Woodruff, while quite articulate, takes far too long to get to his point. In the process of getting there he lost […]

My year with…Brandon Sanderson!

So, last year, I wrote a series of posts after I had read several of China Miéville’s wonderful novels. The year before that I read Neil Gaiman as my author of the year. This year: Brandon Sanderson! What a fun year it has been 🙂 There is one last book of his that I wanted […]

Hunger Games Trilogy

7/10 (=) [inclusive] I was highly recommended this series by my dear not-genetically-related sister-in-law, and so when the whole trilogy went on sale on kobobooks.com I decided to pick it up, after all, my darling wife blessed me with a Kobo Touch for Xmas so, hey, why not; it was a great way to break […]