Favorite Books/Graphic Novels of 2011

Books & Graphic Novels {click image to go to book/graphic novel} The City & The City China Miéville’s amazing murder mystery, sci-fi, weird, thriller is a study in awesomeness! Miéville was an author I discovered late 2010 and so made it my mission in 2011 to read what I could get my hands on by […]

My Year With China and the Station

Perdido Street Station 9/10 (+1) It’s been a while since I’ve read the word “thaumaturgy” and here I find it a relatively normal part of China’s world…happy doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt when I first read the word in this novel! It’s not always easy setting foot into a China Miéville universe. […]

My Year With China and the Ariekei

Embassytown 8/10 (=) It’s not everyday you get vague descriptions of creatures from other worlds. Often authors are descriptive to the point of redundancy to help you picture what their creature(s) look like. Not China. Not only does he describe the aliens in this novel merely when he needs to, such as when their anatomy […]

My Year With China & The City…

The City & The City 9/10 (+2) Two cities existing topographically on top of each other. Crazy! And yet, only crazy in theory. Because really, don’t we live that way anyway? Aren’t we a fractured society that refuses to see people around us unless they dress and speak as we do? Inspector Tyador Borlú, of […]

My year with China…

…Mieville that is. Last year I pretty much only read Neil Gaiman. For whatever reason I was on a kick, and I loved it. Then a friend of mine started to suggest other authors that I might like. I was drawn to China Mieville for some reason. I looked around for the one he was […]

Fun with my boy…

So, as Deyen gets older, there are things: books & movies, that I really want him to hear (or read) and see. One of these is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Well, we just finished reading it tonight! What a blast! It really is amazing how simple and delightful that […]