Ramsey Whitefish

State of no Euphoria darkness is all I see, whenever one has no friend, want or need, I hate to watch the human basket go down, into the so-called healing from the underground. brittle bruises and shaking anglo scars, this stupid fucking world should be barred! I lose my friends left middle and right does […]

To be or not to be…summer 2012

The beginning… The initial goal for this project was to have the participants put Hamlet’s famous soliloquy into their own words. We planned for it, we structured the workshops in that direction. And it was a good goal. Our community (the participants) needed something different. The workshops started out simple enough. A cursory reading and […]

[insert clever slogan here]

Why the wonky title you may ask? Because like the #IdleNoMore movement, this post is not about being clever or having a soundbite to digest easily and with no impact. The articles I am linking to below require you to think and process what is going on. And that is so important. Some of the […]

wrestling with Canada

[the above is a very accurate representation of the workings of my soul in the midst of what is happening in our affluent country] UPDATE: Man, I just can’t seem to get a post out without new info giving me pause. “Attawapiskat News Release: Statement by Attawapiskat Chief & Council on notice of Third Party […]

So, they did declare an emergency and…surprise…

…no one came. Yes, the Redcross is working with the Attawapiskat community to provide immediate needs and you can help by donating here –> http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=41678&tid=001. And I would encourage you to. However… Now, I may be unpopular is saying this, but here goes: this problem is not new and meeting their immediate needs is simply […]

Charlie Angus addresses the Liberal motion on First Nations

Thank you Charlie for speaking out so effectively. Now, while as nice as his speaking is, I never got a sense (in this video) of a real viable solution. Sure, he called all of Canada to account for the illegal treatment of Attawapiskat and other reserves, but just calling people to account doesn’t do anything. […]

What if they declared an emergency and no one came…(Charlie Angus)

A very well written and heart-wrenching article written by Charlie Angus over at Huffingtonpost.ca describes conditions in a Northern Canadian First Nations reserve “like stepping into a fourth world”. He is talking about Attawapiskat, a community on the James Bay coast, that has recently declared a state of emergency. They are also, according to this […]