2015 Books

What a great year for reading! I read over 60 books last year, some great ones (as you’ll read later) and some good ones. I was fortunate to not have read any real duds last year! Let’s hope it stays like that for this year as well. The best and most important book I read […]

My Privilege

I have been, emotionally, going through a lot these past number of years. It’s a journey that has taken on a new intensity recently, but in all honesty, this journey, around privilege, is one that began while I was dating my wife (before she was my wife that is). There was a moment, which I […]

American Gods – my dream cast…

The more I hear about American Gods being made into a TV series the more excited I get. However I also get antsy about casting and direction and stuff like that. So, I’ve decided that, for all it’s worth, and that’s not very much granted, I am going to share with the internet my dream […]

5 signs it’s not time to move on

So, I just read this article on Divorce over on Huffpost, posted it and then had a delightful challenge from a friend to write something in response. So, here goes, but before I begin, let me make this perfectly clear that I am not against divorce. I simply don’t like it. I have seen the […]