Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical (Hart House Theatre)

9/10 (+1) Last night my wife and I went to see Hart House Theatre’s offering of “Robin Hood: The Legendary Musical”. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Then there was intermission and after intermission we laughed and laughed some more. While Robin Hood the musical is definitely filled to the brim with laughs, it manages […]

The Necessity of Theatre (by Paul Woodruff)

6/10 (-2) I will admit that I was expecting more from this book. With a title like “The Necessity of Theatre” it gives one the expectation that there is some great revelation in it. Woodruff, while quite articulate, takes far too long to get to his point. In the process of getting there he lost […]


“Damien” by Aldyth Morris, the one-man show I am in has it’s opening tonight! Come on out and see what one man did for the lepers of Moloka’i in the late 1800’s. If you want to hear about it, you can check out Marty Chodorek’s podcast WalkLeft here –> WalkLeft and Damien. I was also […]

Walk Left – the podcast

Hey there all. Marty Chodorek over at the Walk Left podcast interviewed myself and Shannon Blake, the producer of “Damien” recently. Have a listen, and then book your ticket!

The wound of love…

In 10 days I have the honor to portray Father Damien, the leper priest of Moloka’i. Aldyth Morris wrote a stirring one man show about the life of Father Damien, the story of his quest to bring value and dignity to the lives of abandoned lepers living in 19th century Hawaii. Set in 1936, the […]

Vic Harbour (TO Fringe 2012)

8/10 (+1) So, I’m not really in the habit of writing reviews for theatre. Not because I don’t like it, I LOVE theatre, but because theatre is, in one way specifically, even more difficult to comment on: each night is new! Each performance is unique because it’s LIVE! The benefit to film is that you […]

Arts For All Essentials – 2012

Wow. That’s really all I can say at this moment. Wow. I recently attended Jumblies Theatre’s Arts 4All Essentials 6-day workshop/conference here in TO. It was a very full and buys time of discovery, networking and art creation. If you are an artist in Canada who engages with a specific community, or not, this is […]

Transient Voices

Transient Voices My good friend Shannon Blake has, with the help of the Sanctuary community, written a radio/story play around the transient nature of our community. It’s premiering this weekend, November 11 & 12, at Sanctuary, 25 Charles St. E. Toronto, ON. Check out this (kind of) trailer they just posted today: View Larger Map