2012: year in review…June – September

June – September “To be or not to be, that is the question.” And what a question it is! After a very fun and engaging run of our spring show, a couple of the guys in our community came up to me and asked me to teach them stuff about acting; not how to act, […]

2012: year in review… January – May

Another year filled with awesomeness, challenges and art! Thank you to all of you who take the time to read these newsletters. It’s a pleasure to share life with you this way. Let us begin at the beginning… January – May The beginning of the year was intensely busy with us preparing for our 5th […]

2012: year in review…

So, I usually write a massive missive about all the interesting things that happened in the year prior and then I mail it to a bunch of people. Well, this year, it kind of got away from me. So, in the interest of sharing some of what happened last year, I will be writing a […]

my enemy, my friend…

“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.” ~ GK Chesterton Stewart Poirier was my “enemy”. He was also my neighbour and my friend.

[insert clever slogan here]

Why the wonky title you may ask? Because like the #IdleNoMore movement, this post is not about being clever or having a soundbite to digest easily and with no impact. The articles I am linking to below require you to think and process what is going on. And that is so important. Some of the […]


“Damien” by Aldyth Morris, the one-man show I am in has it’s opening tonight! Come on out and see what one man did for the lepers of Moloka’i in the late 1800’s. If you want to hear about it, you can check out Marty Chodorek’s podcast WalkLeft here –> WalkLeft and Damien. I was also […]

Walk Left – the podcast

Hey there all. Marty Chodorek over at the Walk Left podcast interviewed myself and Shannon Blake, the producer of “Damien” recently. Have a listen, and then book your ticket! http://bit.ly/DAMIEN

The wound of love…

In 10 days I have the honor to portray Father Damien, the leper priest of Moloka’i. Aldyth Morris wrote a stirring one man show about the life of Father Damien, the story of his quest to bring value and dignity to the lives of abandoned lepers living in 19th century Hawaii. Set in 1936, the […]

Bourgeois Jesus’

So, in my daily traversing through the interwebs and thinking through my work and faith, I often come across articles and the like that make me go “hmmmmmm” or “you so crAZy!”. But rarely does an article (or a series of articles) really get under my skin in the way that these have. So, here […]