Ramsey Whitefish

State of no Euphoria darkness is all I see, whenever one has no friend, want or need, I hate to watch the human basket go down, into the so-called healing from the underground. brittle bruises and shaking anglo scars, this stupid fucking world should be barred! I lose my friends left middle and right does […]

“10th Anniversary Showcase”

I haven’t officially posted on this yet because I’ve been too busy with producing, directing and assistant stage managing it. So, instead of actually posting about the show, I’m just gonna share with you the flickr slideshow of the best of our archival shots from last night. Enjoy 🙂 (Oh you can enjoy a post […]

To be or not to be…summer 2012

The beginning… The initial goal for this project was to have the participants put Hamlet’s famous soliloquy into their own words. We planned for it, we structured the workshops in that direction. And it was a good goal. Our community (the participants) needed something different. The workshops started out simple enough. A cursory reading and […]

2012: year in review….bonus section

At the end of most of my newsletters, I try to give my readers a glimpse into the coming year. I did this with this newsletter as well, and so I will include some of that here. Also, at the end of this post there is an important “a final note” and that is where […]

my enemy, my friend…

“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.” ~ GK Chesterton Stewart Poirier was my “enemy”. He was also my neighbour and my friend.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows watched in 2012

NOTE: these are not in order of the ones I rated the best OR were released in this year. This is simply the 9 most enjoyable tv shows/movies I watched in 2012… Slings & Arrows (2003) 10/10 I was introduced to this phenomenal series this year and have already started to watch it a second […]

Bourgeois Jesus’

So, in my daily traversing through the interwebs and thinking through my work and faith, I often come across articles and the like that make me go “hmmmmmm” or “you so crAZy!”. But rarely does an article (or a series of articles) really get under my skin in the way that these have. So, here […]

Arts For All Essentials – 2012

Wow. That’s really all I can say at this moment. Wow. I recently attended Jumblies Theatre’s Arts 4All Essentials 6-day workshop/conference here in TO. It was a very full and buys time of discovery, networking and art creation. If you are an artist in Canada who engages with a specific community, or not, this is […]

Transient Voices

Transient Voices My good friend Shannon Blake has, with the help of the Sanctuary community, written a radio/story play around the transient nature of our community. It’s premiering this weekend, November 11 & 12, at Sanctuary, 25 Charles St. E. Toronto, ON. Check out this (kind of) trailer they just posted today: View Larger Map