Ramsey Whitefish

State of no Euphoria darkness is all I see, whenever one has no friend, want or need, I hate to watch the human basket go down, into the so-called healing from the underground. brittle bruises and shaking anglo scars, this stupid fucking world should be barred! I lose my friends left middle and right does […]

2012: year in review….bonus section

At the end of most of my newsletters, I try to give my readers a glimpse into the coming year. I did this with this newsletter as well, and so I will include some of that here. Also, at the end of this post there is an important “a final note” and that is where […]

my enemy, my friend…

“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.” ~ GK Chesterton Stewart Poirier was my “enemy”. He was also my neighbour and my friend.

Only a matter of time…

Crazy Wayne was one of the most outspoken, bigoted, loud-mouthed, opinionated people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Why “pleasure” you ask? because he was also incredibly generous, loving, caring (in a “street” sort-of-way), and a good solid friend. I met Wayne roughly 5-6 years ago, and it was definitely not your typical beginning […]

LyfLet 2011: a year in review

Hey there all. So, my latest newsletter will be hitting your mailboxes soon (if you’re on my mailing list that is). If you just happen to be by the site and want to read it now without waiting (who could blame you after all *wink*), then download it here –> LyfLet 2011: a year in […]

Sufficient Grace

{originally written Christmas 2010} [a remembering of friends] This year has not been easy. As I write that I think, really, is any year here at Sanctuary an easy year; this one though, for myself, has been especially trying. I often think of the song by Keith Green “Asleep in the Light”; when I hear […]

Grief and … hope?

I don’t really know how to begin this. There is a part of me, pretty big part when things like this happen, that wants to scream in God’s face. I want to yell, and scream and beat him. Sure, death comes to us all and people behave like jerks. I get it. But I don’t […]