2015 Books

What a great year for reading! I read over 60 books last year, some great ones (as you’ll read later) and some good ones. I was fortunate to not have read any real duds last year! Let’s hope it stays like that for this year as well. The best and most important book I read […]

The corner

© 2016 Lyf Stolte You wouldn’t know it to look at it. That’s the whole point. I mean, if every person who looked at it saw what it really was it would lose it’s power. If it lost that the whole corner would be in jeopardy. You see, it was linked to several others who, […]

The Wind has an old/new experience…

A windy night has begun to lick at the alleyways. It’s tasting and considering the delicacies. As it whorls around the city, lapping up alley after alley, the flavors tickle it and send it reeling faster and faster. But wait, there’s something different here. The wind hasn’t tasted this scent before. Oh, wait, it has, […]

My Year With China & The City…

The City & The City 9/10 (+2) Two cities existing topographically on top of each other. Crazy! And yet, only crazy in theory. Because really, don’t we live that way anyway? Aren’t we a fractured society that refuses to see people around us unless they dress and speak as we do? Inspector Tyador BorlĂș, of […]

My year with China…

…Mieville that is. Last year I pretty much only read Neil Gaiman. For whatever reason I was on a kick, and I loved it. Then a friend of mine started to suggest other authors that I might like. I was drawn to China Mieville for some reason. I looked around for the one he was […]