The corner

© 2016 Lyf Stolte You wouldn’t know it to look at it. That’s the whole point. I mean, if every person who looked at it saw what it really was it would lose it’s power. If it lost that the whole corner would be in jeopardy. You see, it was linked to several others who, […]

The Wind has an old/new experience…

A windy night has begun to lick at the alleyways. It’s tasting and considering the delicacies. As it whorls around the city, lapping up alley after alley, the flavors tickle it and send it reeling faster and faster. But wait, there’s something different here. The wind hasn’t tasted this scent before. Oh, wait, it has, […]

No Vacancy

© 2015 Lyf Stolte JOHN If I wanted to, he’d be dead. No questions. Just like that. Can’t mess with me and not receive some kind of punishment. GEORGE Don’t think of it as punishment. That’s your first problem. JOHN But that’s what it will be. GEORGE No no no no…you got this all wrong. […]

February and March writing update..

The writing continues… It hasn’t been an easy month, so I’m posting the badge on this post more as a goal I reached for than as something accomplished. The post that she wrote is more about writing daily than it is about word counts altogether. That having been said, I just want to share with […]

Writing Challenge Update…

This year I am writing. I was inspired to begin writing a couple years ago, but haven’t taken it at all seriously. I’m still not really, because, well, I’m not a writer. But I have decided that I like to write, and there are a couple projects that are trying to push themselves out of […]

The Scarf

© 2014 Lyf Stolte CAROL I don’t know why you did that. It wasn’t like I was in any danger George. GEORGE Well, you see, uh, I, uh, know that, my, uh, love, but, well, you see, I couldn’t very well let you, uh, you know, just continue on like that. CAROL OH, I see. […]


© 2014 Lyf Stolte JIM Wow. Babe, this grilled cheese is amazing! HONEY I’m so glad you like it. I wasn’t sure if you would or not. JIM Why wouldn’t I? You know I love this stuff! HONEY Well, I used some unique ingredients this time. JIM Well, whatever they are, please use them again! […]

15 Kumquats

© 2014 Lyf Stolte HENRY Are you sure Jill love? JILL Of course I am! Who took the Wolfgang Puck Introduction To Kumquats 101? Huh? Me. That’s who. So you can just do what I tell you to do. Ok? Ok? Ok. HENRY Ok sweety. JILL Now, please pass me the almond milk. HENRY Did […]

The Book 2

© 2014 Lyf Stolte ! WARNING: language ! The room is dark except for the nearly dead light emanating from the lamp on the side table in the corner. There’s a glass of water, an ashtray, a spoon which has recently been used in the processing of reality altering substances, and a little red book. […]

A light bulb

I wrote this back in November of last year when I decided to begin on this journey. [(c) Lyf Stolte 2013] A lone light bulb hangs, naked and vulnerable, from an exposed wire. It’s not on. A door creaks open and two men appear in the darkness. They look around, and then break out in […]